Software-as-a-Experience would be the new paradigm of software businesses because it significantly reduces the friction to build awesome user…

August 2021

Morris Chang may not be a household name in the western world but his achievement is comparable to that of western business Titans like Rockefeller and…

May 2021

How Academics and Internet Companies created the current revolution of artificial intelligence

March 2021

The Journey of Eric Kandel From Austrian Refugee to Nobel Laureate

January 2021

The Box: How the Shipping Container Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger; How to expand subjective time during the lockdown.
Hi friends, Happy weekend! This week I will share an article written by myself. Hope it is useful for you. Your like/share or any feedback would be…
What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains; How to Stop Endless Discussions; On creating Engineering Strategy; The Complete Guide to Effective Reading…
Rich Barton's playbook for consumer repeatability; From sales-led to product-led and how it changed everything; How Visa makes money;

December 2020

Review of e-commerce Marketplaces for 2020
Unlock growth when you reach $20M ARR; What comes after smartphones; Zapier CTO's journey; Personal Growth tips; Movie about a film pioneer;
Shoe Dog — A Memoir by Nike’s creator Phil Knight; Flying geese paradigm and the dilemma of Globalization;

November 2020

One hot topic recently is that Apple released its new ARM chips -- M1. It is not the first time Apple designs chips -- Apple has successfully designed…